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June 23-26


Aleha Solano (Bogotá, 1980)
Urban researcher, performance artist, producer & manager of cultural experiences from

Latin America to the world by ENHARMONITION Colectivo. With diverse audiences found in museums, galleries & urban public spaces, its most recent interventions have been based on gender interaction symbolically seeking to revive the inanimate. Projections through the installed voice over empty spaces appear to release the stored energy in daily life. Through his work seeks to give life to these imaginary that have prolonged the tradition & the status quo of the inhabitants in the city, showing its secrets, revive the collective memory to construct containing a portrait of a society and an era.

Among her works and individual interests are:
IN YOUR FACE << Neither an artist nor a hairdresser, just a barberwoman >>> Performance
October 2 nd . / 2014 CONTEMPORÁRY ART MUSEUM SANTA FE Gallery * Bogotá, Colombia IV Relational Arts Meeting organized by Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Los Andes University and the Academy of Arts of Bogotá ASAB


Aleha Solano - Bogota, Colombia