Miami Performance International Festival is an Edge Zones Production

JUNE 21- 24, 2018

June 21-24, 2018

Chief Curator: Charo Oquet


Edge Zones will produce the 7th Edition of Miami Performance International Festival ’18 (M/P’18) - this year from: June 21-24, 2018. M/P ’18 brings a radical, innovative artistic program to Miami-Dade and is concern with the limits of visual and living arts and the performance space. The program of diverse, cutting-edge performances performance art is accompanied by video screenings, experimental sound, talks and workshops. The festival exclusively dedicated to performance art, an artistic practice of transcending borders that is widely discussed this year will bring a mix street theater, puppetry, dance and carnival. M/P ’18 is a tremendous opportunity for the public to come face-to-face with the breadth and depth of performance art and offers visceral and challenging performance works by renowned, mid-career and emerging artists from different countries, as well as participation of national and local artists. This annual event provides a look at the creative process across a range of media, and presents cross-disciplinary, collaborative work that speaks to the high level of innovation, critical thinking, and social engagement in Miami-Dade.

In celebration of Miami-Dade’s diverse art scene, works will be showcased across the city in a range of sites, including: the Miami Beach Library, Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, Miami Beach and the new and up-and-coming Allapattah Art District.

Who is eligible?

Artists and practitioners from around the globe can propose their project, as individuals or in groups, with a single project. 

What do we expect of the selected artists?

Selected artists for M/P’18 are expected to present an unpublished performance piece lasting 15 – 20 minutes during the festival. We are looking for work that is street oriented and collaborative in nature and that invite the public to participate.  We would like to see performance that involve different media such as: poetry, music, Noise, multi-media, dance and carnival that will involve locals.

Print & Book Fair

What do we expect of the selected print and book makers?

Will provide a space free of charge to selected printmakers in our  parking lot to set up a booth during our program for M/P’18.  The print makers or artist are expected to create their own booth, bring their tents, chairs and tables.

Selection Process

A panel of professionals will review applications and finalists will be invited to present their project.


You can find the  proposal form link on this page which you will submit along with your short bio and 3-5 images of your current performance work for our website. 


•February 20, 2018: submission of your proposal.

•March 1, 2018:  Announcement of selected artists

What will selected artists receive?

Selected artists will be invited to participate through an official invitation letter.   Edge Zones will only give artists logistic support.  Several out of town artists will receive housing for 3-5 days and a small food stipend. Out of state artist will be given an honorarium to cover transportation.  A few select local artist will be given a small honorarium. We will help you find affordable hotels, food, and transportation. 

About Edge Zones

Edge Zones is an artist and volunteer – run contemporary arts non-profit dedicated to the research, conceptualization and execution of events that strengthen the contemporary art environment in Miami. EZ seeks to making contemporary art accessible, engaging and to create a focal point for international research and awareness.  Edge Zones is committed to assist local artists from diverse economic, social, and cultural backgrounds in their creative production and disseminating their professional development in national and international forums by establishing a strong regional exchange network connected to the rest of the world. We value the amazing diversity of creativity that artists provide and the importance of their activity in the social context of the city.

For more information:

Contact:  Charo Oquet

                305 303 8852




Call to Artists

Click here to download the submission SUBMISSION FORM_14.docxM_P18_Call_to_Artists_files/SUBMISSION%20FORM_14.docxM_P18_Call_to_Artists_files/SUBMISSION%20FORM_14_1.docxshapeimage_1_link_0


If the Submission download button does not work. please write to and we will send you a form.