Liz Ferrer -  USA

Liz Ferrer is a Miami-based artist, curator,  director and co-founder of local art collective, Southernmost Situations.  Liz received a BFA in Theatre at Florida International University in 2007. She engages audiences through experimental and theatrical inter-media collaborations.  With an experimental and DIY approach, her work uses performance to challenge and question social constructs and the traditional white box gallery aesthetic.  Recent exhibitions and productions include: Underwater Opera; Miami Light Project, Dinner Prologue, MOCA North Miami, INDEX Performance Festival Curator in Dominican Rebpublic, The “Planet Hollywood” of Newer Genres, curated by LIz Ferrer and Michael Anthony Farley during Art Basel; Redacted Love, an multidiciplinary piece based on found DEA Surveillance material at Emerson Dorsch Gallery.

Liz is a recipient of Acre Residency, Miami Light Projects Here & Now new commissions grant, Inkub8's Artist in Residence 2014, Index Performance Artist Grant Dominican Republic 2014, Miami Light Projects’ Jennylin Duany Light Bulb grant 2013, DDA commission for Dwntwn Art Days 2013, Cannonball's CSA Share program for 2013, Cannonball, curatorial artist in residence in 2012.

Born out of a spontaneous trip to Key West, Southernmost Situations is a Miami-based social catalyst and experimental collaborative that blurs the boundaries between contemporary art, performance, and the traditional curatorial model.