Jen Clay & Sam Lopez De Victoria-  USA

Jen Clay and Samuel Lopez De Victoria are artists living in Fort Lauderdale, who are currently collaborating on a video performance project called Kalibodu: Space Arrival. The piece includes a puppet theatre, puppets, and costumes that interact with an animated video projection. Through the humorous and dysfunctional spaceship crew of aliens, satire is used to explore and exaggerate situations of unbalanced hierarchy such as random sexual harassment, incompetent leaders, and associates with manic personalities. !

Jen Clay and Samuel Lopez De Victoria met while both attending the University of Florida for their Master degrees in Fine Art. Jen’s concentration is in sculpture & costume design and Samuel has his degree in interaction and media. Jen Clay creates texturally embellished wearable and performantive sculptures for a web-based video series called Allou Allou, that playfully explores feelings of trauma and abuse. Live versions are also created of the video series which are influenced from puppet shows and magician tricks. Her work mimics children educational TV shows and Jen researches how these shows use edutainment and applied behavior analysis to encourage learning and curiosity. Samuel programs interactive software that explores empathy and choice making. Through the methods of storytelling and use of pathetic creatures and settings Samuel presents his created narratives as modes of learning through rapport and insight.!